Short Term Medical: Not Necessarily Short Anymore!
Short Term Medical (STM) plans are viable options for many clients who are losing coverage due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Certain plans provide coverage for almost up to three years!
Many of our clients are independent professionals, so it’s good to know there are coverage options out there. Below you’ll find some benefits of having a STM Plan, especially during this pandemic.
Benefits Of STM (Short Term Medical)
  • COVID-19 testing is currently covered at no cost to members (end-date differs per carrier)
  • COVID-19 treatment is currently covered UHC at no cost to members through 5/31/20.
  • Telehealth programs available, either as part of a required Association Membership or as an optional add-on.
  • Affordable premiums; many deductible or coinsurance combinations offered to tailor affordability.
  • Longer-term lengths are now available; maximum lengths terms of up to 3 years minus one day.
  • National networks with access to providers outside Arizona; Mayo in-network with some plans!
  • Pre-existing conditions covered after 12 months for 12+ month term length policies or 12×2 consecutive terms; certain IHC plans offer some coverage for pre-existing conditions right away.
  • Limited medical underwriting to qualify; most applicants are approved.
  • Guarantee issue plans available from National general for those who are not approved.
  • No re-write restrictions or waiting period to re-enroll after coverage ends.
  • Next-day effective dates are available.
  • Up-front single payment discount available on some plans.
  • Short and easy application process!

For more information regarding Short Term Medical (STM) Plans, please contact us directly at (623) 889-7600 or fill out the form below and one of our licensed local agents will reach out to you!

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