Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental PPO insurance plans are popular with families who want a large network of providers to choose from. PPO providers typically offer a lower rate for service than a non-contracted provider, but you have the freedom to utilize either type of provider. While PPO plans have flexibility in network, they may have other types of limitations, such as:

By placing an emphasis on prevention, and by covering regular teeth cleaning and check-ups, Americans saved nearly $100 billion in dental care costs during the 1980s.

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Vision Plans

Protect your eyesight with a vision insurance plan. Vision disorders are the second most prevalent health problem in the country, according to the National Eye Institute, affecting two-thirds of our population. And these numbers are expected to increase as our population ages.

Regular eye exams for you and your family are important to maintaining healthy vision and can often detect major medical problems in the early stages of development, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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