The Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

When you’re shopping for your own health coverage, you don’t have to settle for whatever your employer thinks is best. You get the advantage of choosing the right plan for you.

And you have plenty of options.

Types Of Health Policies
There are several kinds of policies for you to choose from. Here are two of the most popular.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans are a popular choice for people who value flexibility. A form of managed care, PPOs give you the most savings when you get care from a doctor, hospital or other provider within the plan’s “network”. But even if you do choose to receive care from outside the network, your PPO still provides some coverage.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans are high-deductible plans that can be used with a tax-free savings account that the insured can use for health expenses or save for a later date or retirement. If you value the annual premium savings they offer and have the discipline to systemically invest in a savings account, then an HSA plan may be right for you.

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