May Brings Vision Awareness Month

May is Healthy Vision Awareness Month, and we have to ask you; When was the last time you had an eye exam? You probably think you don’t need an eye exam because you see just fine. Maybe you don’t wear glasses, or your current prescription is seemingly still adequate. However, an eye exam is much more than only vision screening, and they ensure that you and your eyes are healthy! If you haven’t been to the eye doctor recently, it would be a good idea to consider the following information! 

Exams Aren’t Solely For Prescriptions

If you currently wear prescription eyewear, whether they are lenses or contacts, you will be provided with an update when you go to take your exam. But what if you don’t currently wear any? An eye exam can help you see if your vision is still 20/20 or if you need some assistance with your eyesight. The eye doctor will be able to evaluate your eyes to see if you have any common eye diseases, and the earlier you identify eye disease, the earlier treatment can begin, which results in the best chance for a positive outcome. 

Keep in mind that eye diseases don’t typically have any noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy are two examples. At an eye exam, these diseases can be detected so treatment can begin right away, reducing the chance of any permanent vision loss. 

Your Eye Health Correlates Overall Health

Believe it or not, some aspects of overall health can be determined through an eye exam! An eye doctor can detect systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure during an exam before they would be obvious to any primary care physician. Diabetes can cause swelling of the macula, and small blood vessel leaks in the eye. These would be identified during an eye exam, so you could start treatment before the more pressing issues arise. 

Make sure the members of your family have had an eye exam in the last year. If not, it’s essential to schedule an eye exam this month! Don’t wait until an issue arises to schedule an eye exam. For some people, it may be necessary to have an eye exam more than once a year. This is exceptionally accurate for people over the age of 50 who may be experiencing changes or issues within a year of their last eye exam. Consider some of these important reasons to get an eye exam ASAP:

  • You haven’t been to the eye doctor in over a year, or you can’t remember the last time you had an eye exam.
  • You have difficulty seeing or driving at night.
  • You are experiencing an issue such as dry or itchy eyes, seeing spots, blurred vision, headaches, or you are seeing floaters.
  • It is difficult to read books or the newspaper; You have to hold it far away, squint of shut one eye to read. 
  • You have a family history of conditions like diabetes or glaucoma. 
Exams Are For All Ages

While it may seem obvious that adults should have regular eye exams to verify their overall eye health and verify current prescriptions, as well as to look for early signs of diseases, however, kids need eye exams too. The doctor will make sure the vision development is normal. Also, sometimes a child struggling in school turns out to have vision problems that are causing the academic issues. The child may not realize that they are having trouble seeing, so they don’t alert an adult to the problem. If it goes unrecognized, they cal fall far behind. A simple eye exam can make a huge difference in school success for kids. 

Group Plans Inc VISION Plans

Protect your eyesight with a comprehensive Vision Insurance Plan! Vision disorders are the second most prevalent health problem in the country, according to the National Eye Institute, affecting two-thirds of our population. These numbers are only expected to increase as our population increases and ages.

Vision Plans are easier and more affordable than ever to obtain, whether you are a realtor, self-employed, or looking for individual plans or group coverage for your family or your small business! Most vision plans offer coverages on eye exams as well as a discount or a covered product like lenses and frames. 

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