Dental Coverage Options

In the Marketplace, you can get dental coverage in a few different ways: as part of a health plan,  by itself through a separate, stand-alone dental plan, or some opt for a dental discount program that can be purchased anytime and is separate from your health plans. You generally cannot purchase a Marketplace dental plan unless you are buying a health plan at the same time. 

Health plans that include dental coverage

Dental coverage is included in some Marketplace health plans. You can see which plans include dental coverage when you compare plans at the time of your health plan purchase. 

Separate, stand-alone dental plans

In some cases, stand-alone plans are offered. You can see them when you shop for plans in the Marketplace. If you choose a separate dental plan, you’ll pay a separate, additional premium. 

Dental discount programs

Also known as dental savings plans,  these plans are designed to save you money on dental care needs. Plan members generally save 10-70% on average on the typical costs of dental care and treatments. Many dental savings plans can include some basic vision coverage as well. 

If you would like to receive information on how to obtain dental coverage as an individual, family, business, or group, please reach out to Group Plans Inc by giving us a call at (623) 889-7600.  We would be happy to assist you in navigating your options and find you the plan that suits your needs!